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My aim is to assist you with education about self-treating with helminth such as the hookworm Necator Americanus and other ancient symbionts. Below is my story of how I learned of this treatment and how it helped me.

My Autoimmune Helminth Journey

In my health journey I have tried all the available medical treatments, unfortunately we don't yet have treatments that change the underlying cause of autoimmune diseases. Whilst I recommend all your health decisions should be discussed with your doctor, the treatments that are available, may only help with symptom management and will hopefully slow the progression of the disease, they are unlikely to address the cause, or create conditions for disease remission.


All autoimmune, inflammation, metabolic, neurological and allergy related conditions have similar root causes. So it does not matter which condition you may have, if it is on the autoimmune or allergy spectrum helminth reintroduction, will over time, calm inflammation. I have scleroderma with myositis. This made me very fatigued with very weak muscles. Sometimes I could hardly climb the stairs in my home and my slippers would feel like heavy weights on my feet. I was on lots of immunosuppressant medications but each one failed and caused horrible side effects.


That’s when I started investigating the reasons why our modern society has such a lot of inflammatory disease and why the rate of disease is going up every year. I just couldn’t live like that. My baseline prednisone use was 5 - 7.5 mg a day. My muscles would flare up every 3 months which meant I needed high dose prednisone of 30 mg a day to bring the flares under control. Other immune suppressing drugs had all failed because of side effects, so my doctors took me off them and all we had left was corticosteroids.


Four years ago I took 10 Necator Americanus (NA), a human hookworm. I retreat every 3 months with between 8 - 15 NA and my health has been transformed. I have gone from weak and sick to living a full and healthy life.


I asked my doctor for a graph of my muscle inflammation levels as measured by creatinine kinase levels (CK). This graph is amazing because it confirms everything I have experienced. The graph indicates that since 2018 when I took Necator Americanus the human hookworm, there has been a complete absence of muscle flares. In the period of 8 years prior to this my CK was quite high and I experienced flares of very high CK every 3 months. For the four years since taking hookworms (2018 - 2022) my CK has been blissfully normal at around 200.  I have completely weaned off prednisone and continue to take no immunosuppressive medications and I feel healthy and normal!


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