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Image by National Cancer Institute

Helminth Therapy

Helminthic Therapy is the reintroduction of benign helminth such as the hookworm Necator Americanus or other organisms. Modern people have eliminated our natural evolutionary old friends with our hyper hygienic environment... Helminth secrete proteins which calm the immune system and regulate harmful inflammation. Thousands of people worldwide are currently reporting success with helminth therapy. Humans need helminth!

Helminth Stories

Personal Stories of Self Treaters

Teri’s Story: I decided to try worms because I had post viral fatigue. I would get a common cold and end up exhausted for
three weeks after, I really struggled to recover from anything… I was getting sick with a virus and recovering within the week, I was so, so happy with the results

This video is about Orana who is self-treating with NA hookworm for diabetes and bronchiectasis



Jake’s Story: For 2 Years I suffered with post viral fatigue after contracting glandular fever. I got little to no relief from other methods such as extra sleep or medication. After taking hookworm within a few weeks I was feeling better and within a month had returned to normal activity.

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